NFT Ticketing FAQs

What are the Advantages of NFT Tickets?

NFT tickets are digital access credentials that offer holders exclusive benefits and functionality compared to other ticketing methods:

  • NFT Tickets can be Transferred or Resold without the need of any third-party ticketing service
  • NFT Tickets are more Immutable can not be counterfeited or duplicated
  • NFT tickets can be sold as a ‘collectible’ item after the event is finished
  • NFT tickets (once purchased) are owned and controlled by You and not by the event organiser

Is there any other information? for beginneers, to fastly know and learn about our NFT Ticketing System?

Yes, you can directly visit our NFT Ticketing System How-to page.

Is our NFT Ticketing System ready to be tested and used?

Yes definitely

Is there any demo in form of videos? (where we can watch now).

Yes of course. you can see our demo video on our Home and How-to pages.

Can we do the Live Demo at anytime?

Yes of course. Live Demo can be done at anytime in here.

Where the NFT Ticket data will be stored? and in which Blockchain Network?

The ticket ( NFT Ticket ) data will be stored inside the Polygon Blockchain Network.

Why do we prefer the Polygon Blockchain Network as the storage rather than other Blockchain Network?

Because the Polygon is a “layer 2” or “sidechain” scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain and allowing for faster transactions and lower costs (fees) for users.

Do I need to pay with real faucet(money)? (when do the Live Demo).

No need. Because the Live Demo can be done in Polygon Mumbai (Testnet) with fake Matic (faucet). And so sure, We can send you the fake faucet right away.

What is a Digital Wallet?

The Digital Wallet is the wallet which will be used to buy your tickets (or to pay the ticket fee or send any transactions to the blockchain network).

For them that not yet have any account ( or do any registration before ) in Digital Wallet. How can they learn and get all these informations?

We have all these information especially for beginners, on how to register for the new account in Metamask Digital Wallet. Metamask is one of the very famous digital wallets because of the better benefits among others. and we provide all these information in our How-to page.

Besides of this NFT Ticketing System website, Is there any application that is related with this system?

Yes, we do have one Android Mobile Application that will be used for scanning the tickets. This scanner will verify the genuine of the tickets when the visitors are entering the gate.

Do you still need any Help?

Yes, you can contact-us right away.